For the completion of my Thesis, I created a fictional company, which has the following characteristics:
- It consists of a set of producers who produce in coordination, products from Crete, while the company itself is involved with the packages, distribution and promotion.
- It operates on a national field without a large number of products, not yet abroad 
- It starts as a cottage industry, so it respects the tradition and the characteristics of the place 
- It uses raw materials - no sprays or pesticides - no chemical additives
- The resulting product is organic with credentials

Also Known As: Packaging and Design / Canada

Our design approach was to create a bold, modern look for Steel & Oak’s lineup of bottles and growlers.

Wir sind schoener / Germany

Logo & identity design for oldrich sic jr., a deep house DJ from czech republik, stranded in augsburg, bavaria.

Acronimo / Mexico

Is a Legal Advicer & Accountant Business in Monterrey, México.   With 20 years of experience offering the best service  in both legal & taxes consulting.   Black & white to reflect luxury and Elegance, in a modern and clean grid.

Serious Studio / Phillipines

Opened in November 2013, and quickly rising into one of Parañaque’s hidden gems, The Girl and The Bull is a chic and eclectic restaurant sitting along the Aguirre Food Street, south of Metro Manila.

Josep Puy / Spain

Creation and Branding design for Beige, dedicated to personal hygiene
products and body care. Nature-based products and aromas of plants,
trees and other natural elements.

Inês Caiano Pereira / Portugal

Frankie’s is a modern coffee shop.

Yong-Namm Lee / Sweden

My inspiration was the aspect of handcraftmenship and the finishes , which led to sewings whom represents the finishing of a product, and created a visual system using sewing lines as dynamic grid which works in various ways.

RikGrafiek / Belgium

Logo and identity for a young IT start-up. Thanks to Stefaan Declerck for helping me out with the photography.

Visual identity for TST, a silk screen print factory.

Jorge León / Spain

Corporate identity, stationery, website design and communication for Central Magazine.

Me is the union of the initials of Mirco and Eva, co-founders of the studio. That’s how our friends, clients and partners call us.  The coma, reflects the narrative process of our our practice. We tell stories, create concepts and bring them to life through our designs. For our promotional material, we chose a collection of un-conventional objects and branded them with simple and bold phrases. The collection consisted of bags, notebooks, condoms, posters, mugs. Inside Me, Remind Me, Love Me, Inspire Me, Taste Me…. Every object utilised the ‘Me,’ theme to create a message not only to highlight the nature of the product but also to create an emotional link between people and us, between people and Me,

Studio Faculty / Canada

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Daughters of the Empire is a clothing boutique representing a passion and love for quality pieces that last a lifetime. It features up-and-coming, innovative and independent designers from around the world in search for the finest, quality goods and garment. DOE is passionate about the lines they carry as well as the inspiring people behind these lines, which are handpicked to represent the shop.
The name, Daughters of the Empire, comes from the owner’s heritage as they settled in Canada through the Federation of Daughters of the British Empire. Taking inspiration from the abbreviation of the name as doe and the notion of royalty, our final logomark takes the shape of the deer’s antlers in combination with the form of a crown.

Nicklas Lindholm Haslestad / Norway

Ida Faldbakken is a freelance project manager and concept developer in Oslo, Norway. She has worked with a range of different project the past years, including Øyafestivalen.

The identity is intended to reflect Ida’s ability to adapt to all kinds of projects, ranging from music to business development, art or marketing.

The Woork / Spain

It’s always great when a great product arrives at your desk and you have to name it, brand it and package it. That’s what happened when this awesome belgian beer produced in Toledo, Spain arrived to our hands. Artisan Beer’s Market has been growing terribly for the last year and we needed an eye-catching name and image to make it look different from its competitors when someone is about to order a beer in a bar. Barb & BIère (Beer in French) made the name and beards and different hair tones made the pack for the different varieties. All of it wrapped with an artisan made sense, from the illustrations and the lettering to the printed materials’ choice.

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