Martyna Wędzicka / Poland

Personal Branding / 2014

Martine H. Nyrud / Norway

Branding made for a fictitious flower store named Bouquet.

Danielle Fritz / Australia

Sukin is an Australian natural personal care company whose products boast only the best ingredients nature has to offer. Their aim is to offer luxurious, natural products that are effective, affordable and sustainable, free from the myriad of harsh chemicals used in many products on the market today.

My response for Sukin’s hypothetical rebrand simplifies the design and content, playing subtly on Australian made pride without being kitsch. The logo and tagline are hand drawn to reflect the intimate, personal and natural persona of the brand and its products. The rusty colour of the type hints at the iconic natural Australian deserts, emitting warmth when paired with the off-white bottle. The shape of the label–though clear–is cut into the horizon line of Uluru, an iconic Australian landmark. The containers themselves are smooth and subtle with organic curves to emphasise Sukin’s organic approach, without distracting from the content on the bottle.

The simplified composition of the type paired with the elegant silhouettes of the vessels fills a gap in the personal care market that seems to be flooded with hectic, attention seeking design. It also sells Australian pride amongst a vain and shiny marketplace; therefore allowing Sukin to stand out from its competitors on the shelf.

Esmutuo Studio / Spain

Branding for mediterranean studio Esmutuo.

Margaret Chan / USA

Concept- user connection with product packaging, how value can be perceived through memories and senses.

design deliverable- perfume packaging that extends into a city cultural guide for the end user.

hypothetical client- wallpaper magazine.

a certain scent can often evoke memories of a particular time, place or person which gives people sentiment = perfume is a physical representation of this sentimental value.

travelling is usually a fond memory for a lot of individuals. providing a cultural guide enables users to create their own memory and experience, therefore encouraging the keepsake mentality.

Maria Vaquero / UK

I used my own photography and my favourite bands to give a hint of who I am and what I like.

Memela / Mexico

Barbieratto is a barbershop dedicated to caring for gentlemen, offering key services like haircut and tattoos. The guiding concept of the project was back on the style of the high class barber forties in Mexico . We made history Barbierattoo family to give a background to the new customers and thus generate confidence in the service . The logo shows a simplified services , complemented by original typeface specially made for our client. The cut mold stationery show in the abstract form of a razor . Creating an aesthetic, fine and simple environment for the graphic identity.

Nigel Bates / UKAs part of our new website launch, we decided to refresh our brand identity. The aim of the exercise was to create a clean, neutral brand that reflects the progression of both our portfolio and approach as an agency, providing a timeless platform for all future collateral.

After a thorough audit of our customer-facing touch points we decided on a set of key deliverables that would support our marketing and project activity, as well as creating a more enjoyable experience for our clients.

The result is a minimalist identity that focuses on the abbreviated SD, paired with a striped-back colour palette. Printed material by Avenue Litho.

Daniel Brox Nordmo - Kristine Gulheim / Norway

We were asked to do a rebrand of the studie subject “Fashion and production” for the University of Oslo & Akershus, as a school assignement. As fashion is always evolving and changing, we chose to use this as our core inspiration and reflect this in the profile we developed. The main logo consists the name and 25 dots forming a grid. These dots are used as a base to connect lines and create all the different variations of the logo. In many of the applications the dots are hollowed out to create an opportunity for people to create their own vertion of the logo.

This project is an academic approach undertaken by Srta.Serifa, Mar Suárez and Antonio Jesús Morales. It’s about making a visual identity for a mediambiental space in the park Strait of Gibraltar , it is an old farmhouse which borders the beach and river at the same time . It consists of a space that houses a small hotel of 30 rooms and 10 cottages bioclimatic , but has more buildings such as certain environmental classrooms, garden and viewing areas .

Thus the concept work , part of the philosophy of Confuccio : Space , you want to be a project that values ​​these moments , a culture of life in all its glory. So, we came the naming Origen14 , extrapolating our geographical context as a key point of the strait , we took this number, which are nothing more than the miles that separate Europe from Africa . So the concept makes sense , the naming Origen14 used and in turn your shed as chemical formulation of life , O14 .

BrittonBritton / SwedenBrittonBritton works with overall branding, communication and graphic design for this recognized Swedish interior design company breaking through in the global market

Brian Rau / US

Ellie’s Table is a bakery and cafe located in San Clemente, California. It was created as a tribute to Eleanor Mastroianni, wife of Jay Mastroianni, who started the cooking behind Jay’s Catering. Ellie’s recipes have stood the test of time and this restaurant has been put in place to make sure her story is told for many generations.

A conversation piece

Self promotion campaign for a couple of great Swedish design studios that I’ve always admired

I believe the most effective form of communication is conversation. I wanted us to get to know each other before our first meeting. Living in two different parts of the world have never stopped pen pals from getting to know each other and so the campaign is a conversation through different mediums via a set of post cards sent every week to the design studios. When reaching Sweden, a series of personal posters was posted outside each studio which for the first time revealed my name and lead to the campaign site

Adriana Jackson / Australia

A personal fictional project for a fashion boutique.

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